How does it work?

Eating delicious and healthy every day has never been so simple

Check our weekly updated menu

Every Sunday we update the menu with new healthy and seasonal dishes.

Choose the dishes you like the most this week. In Nantes we cook them for you and send them to you in a single delivery.

We'll take it home or pick it up in Nantes

Select the option that best suits you. Choose your pickup or delivery time Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Consultation here the CP available for home address and their shipping costs.

Payment Methods

You can place your order by paying with a credit/debit card, Paypal or restaurant cards (Sodexo, Check Gourmet, Tickets Restaurant).

Do you have any doubts?

Here is the text of postal codes

You can order the Sunday at 00:00 until the Wednesday until 24:00

Orders are delivered from Thursday until the Sunday, in the mornings from 13:00 to 13:30 and the afternoons from 20:00 until 21:00. In the case of home delivery it may vary.

There are two ways, you can pick it up at our restaurant in Calle Maestro Arbós 15, 28045, Madrid or request home delivery at the time of order.

Every Sunday we publish LA CARTA, if you have subscribed to our newsletter you will receive our news for the week that day.

Because our offer is renewed weekly, we do not offer a subscription service, so each week you can receive the dishes according to your preferences.

Some of our dishes

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