Nantes Benefits

Eating delicious and healthy every day has never been so simple

Homemade, homemade cuisine with a lot of flavor

Dishes prepared in Nantes' own kitchen by our chefs. Recipes prepared with the same care with which we cook each of our dishes in the restaurant.

Natural 100% Ingredients

We cook with fresh and natural ingredients, without preservatives, without additives and following our healthy and balanced recipes.

From our kitchen to your refrigerator

Choose your dishes and enjoy the flavor and quality at home as if you were in our restaurant. On each container, we inform the specific expiration date of the preparation.

Heat and ready

The dishes arrive to you in individual heat-sealed containers. Having maintained the cold chain at all times, they are kept with complete guarantee for several days in the refrigerator. You can heat the containers in the microwave or heat the food on the stove. In a few minutes, the food will be ready to enjoy! At home, in the office or wherever you want.

You can also freeze the tupperware if you wish.

Some of our dishes

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